17 Dic

Dado que uno de nuestros posts más exitoso es uno relativo a “Nuñita, la tórtola turca”, he pensado que este post de Rayya en su blog australiano os puede gustar.
contiene vídeos muy chulos. A disfrutarlo y enhorabuena a Rayya por su tremendo éxito en la red!

Dr Rayya's Online Veterinary Journal

Summer has arrived and it brings with it the introduction of so many beautiful little birdies.

In the last two weeks, our clinic was inundated with so many different species of nestlings, fledglings and juvenile birds that have been brought in by the public. I was examining pigeons and different types of parrots (corellas, galahs, and sulphur crested cockatoos), ravens, honey eaters, kookaburras and so forth. Most of these little critters were in great health. Others were injured or malnourished.

What often occurs is that these birdies have taken their first plunge out of their nest and into the real world.

They often hang around the same area and their parents start training them to be independent and push them to start foraging for their own food. Their parents will leave them occasionally to gather food for them. So the parents can be gone for any…

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  1. Rayya 17 de diciembre de 2012 a 12:17 PM #

    Thanks for sharing my post. I am very excited to say that in February I’m coming to Barcelona for a holiday! I would love to drop in, meet your team and say hello if you are free 🙂

    • David Prandi Chevalier 17 de diciembre de 2012 a 1:50 PM #

      Hi Rayya:

      As soon as you will know the dates, please let us know in order to share some time with you.

      Good luck!

      David Prandi


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