18 Mar

Hace unas semanas nos visitó Rayya, una veterinaria de origen libanés que trabaja en Melbourne, Australia y la que conocimos a través de su exitosísimo blog.
Como podéis ver en el siguiente post, muestra imágenes de los animales que vió durante su estancia en Barcelona.
Fue un placer compartir un día con ella y su marido, un fanático del Barça. Una vez más, mostró su felicidad rodeada de perros, gatos,

Dr Rayya's Online Veterinary Journal

I always feel terrible when I have to tell my clients  I am going away as they unintentionally make me feel guilty about taking holidays. They ask questions like: Exactly when will you get back? How long are you away? Can I reach you when you are away?

I just always make sure they are fully aware of my impending holidays and if they have a patient with ongoing issues to contact one of my colleagues that I have assigned to look after their pet.

Well guess what. I only just got back from holidays in Barcelona and Florence. My holiday was full of great reunions, lots of sightseeing and indulging in multiculturalism.

Of course I had to satisfy my cravings for contact with animals during these three weeks away.

I must say I was blown away with how well trained and received dogs are in Barcelona and Florence. I…

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  1. billdog-cat 18 de marzo de 2013 a 7:20 PM #

    You should be proud as it means that your clients trust you to take care of their pets. I feel the same when my vet goes on holiday too!


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