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The coccidia in dogs and cats.

1 Oct


Today I can speak about coccidia infection in dogs and cts.

¿What are coccidia?

Coccidia are microscopic parasits than infect the intestine of domestic animals.

They are detectable on routine fecal test in the same way that worms are, but coccidia aren’t worms and they aren’t susceptible to deworming medications.

The photography shows a coccidis oocysts seens under optic microscopi in a fecal sample.

¿What symtoms cause coccidia infection?

Coccidia is typical of puppys and kittens. The infections causes a watery diarrhea that sometimes is bloody.

¿Where coccidia come from?

The infection form is the oocyst.

The oocyst passed in the stool and, in the outside sporulate and they become infective.

The dog or cat are infected when accidentally swallows them.

Picture from animalhealthcare.com

Coccidia are typical of  pet grooms.

Coccidia infection is especially common in young animals.

¿How are coccidia detected?

In a routine fecal test we can detect the presence of coccidia. It’s very important to perform fecal test for any new puppy or kitten.

¿How is coccidia treated?

The most common medication used against coccidia are the coccidiostats.

We use a combination of toltrurazil during three days and then ten days with trimethroprim-sulfamethoxazole.

Picture from http://www.bayerandina.com.

¿ Can people become infected?

The coccidia ( Isospora spp.) of dogs and cats are not infecte to people.

Other pets ay become infected from exposure to infected fecal matter but it is important to note that this is usally an infection of young animals because they have an immature immune system. The adults are more resitents.

Iris Pérez.

Clínica Betulia.

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